Probisis®, a range of probiotic bacteria for health and human nutrition.


    The natural flavor solution.

    SAFISIS is keen to be a partner in the flavour industry by developing and producing aromatic molecules through bioconversion or biosynthesis processes.


    SAFTOLL : a team of specialists for the design, development and manufacture of your product.

Who’s Safisis?

Subsidiary of the Lesaffre group, SAFISIS is a biotechnology company specialized in the development of  natural ingredients by microbiological ways for food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets.
The activities SAFAROM and SAFTOLL are obtained by the transformation of natural substances by selected and QPS yeast fungi or bacteria.
Based on this expertise in biotechnology, PROBISIS® range has been developed in order to provide probiotic bacteria to health and human nutrition markets.
With its office in the United States, SAFISIS employs 60 persons nowdays and has established itself as a leading and well-known recognized actor in the field of natural aromatic molecules and biotechnology.

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The lactic acid bacteria club : 

SAFISIS is sponsor of the 19th edition of Lactic Acid Bacteria Club, organized by the Research Unit Oenology. This event will take place in Bordeaux from 16 to 18 October 2013.

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